/pakyuwn(i)yariy/ Monetary; relating to money; financial; consisting of money or that which can be valued in money.
As to pecuniary consideration
- pecuniary damages
- pecuniary legacy; see those titles
@ pecuniary benefits
Benefits that can be valued in money. Dallas Ry. & Terminal Co. v. Moore, Tex.Civ. App., 52 S.W.2d 104.
Pecuniary benefits available to parents by reason of death of an adult child encompass those benefits, including money, that can be reasonably estimated in money, such as labor, services, kindness and attention of child to parents. Borak v. Bridge, Tex.Civ.App., 524 S.W.2d 773, 776
@ pecuniary bequest
A bequest of money to an heir by a decedent. A bequest of money to a legatee by a testator. Also known as a monetary bequest.
@ pecuniary causes
In English ecclesiastical practice, causes arising from the withholding of ecclesiastical dues, or the doing or neglecting some act relating to the church whereby some damage accrues to the plaintiff. 3 Bl.Comm. 88
@ pecuniary condition
Within statute relative to obtaining goods by false pretenses, comprehends, not only money in hand, but property and all other assets of value constituting an existing fact that go to make up financial responsibility as a basis of credit
- pecuniary consideration (consideration)
- pecuniary damages (damages)
@ pecuniary formulas
In federal estate taxation, a gift to a surviving spouse of an amount equal to the maximum marital deduction to which the estate is entitled, less the value of any other interests passing to the surviving spouse that qualify for the marital deduction.
See also marital deduction
@ pecuniary injury
Within meaning of wrongful death statute providing that damages may be awarded "taking into consideration the pecuniary injury or injuries resulting from such death to the surviving party or parties entitled to the judgment," term "pecuniary injury" means a reasonable expectation of pecuniary benefits from the continued life of the deceased. Stang v. Hertz Corp., App., 81 N.M. 69, 463 P.2d 45, 48.
Such compensation includes damages for deprivation of support, of companionship, guidance, advice, love and affection of deceased. Hall v. Gillins, 13 I11.2d 26, 147 N.E.2d 352, 355.
See also consortium
- damages (pecuniary damages); loss; pecuniary loss
@ pecuniary interest
A direct interest related to money in an action or case as would, for example, require a judge to disqualify himself from sitting on a case if he owned stock in corporate party
- pecuniary legacy (legacy)
@ pecuniary loss
A loss of money, or of something by which money or something of money value may be acquired. As applied to a dependent's loss from death pecuniary loss means the reasonable expectation of pecuniary benefit from the continued life of the deceased: such includes loss of services, training, nurture, education, guidance, and society. Sea Land Services, Inc. v. Gaudet, 414 U.S. 573, 94 S.Ct. 806, 39 L.Ed.2d 9.
Pecuniary loss, within Wrongful Death Act means what the life of decedent was worth, in a pecuniary sense, to the survivors, including loss of care, love, and affection. Flynn v. Vancil, 89 Ill.App. 368, 232 N.E.2d 473, 474.
See also pecuniary injury

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.


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